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3D Matrix Controller (MC 300s)

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3D Matrix Controller varies your PA system


With a patented technology, 3D Matrix Controller of AI & C differs with ordinary matrix audio controlling equipment. Including common matrix controlling functions, you may use your input and output ports without a barrier and remote control your whole PA system by smart phone, PMP, and Tablet PC.
Connecting with any existing PA devices, 3D Matrix controller will upgrade your broadcast system even better than what you had expected.

  • More or Less Reliable
  • Maximize or Minimize the Usage
  • Remote Control or Manual Only


Control No Limit of Input & Output
Channel 18 CH (Input + Output)
Control Type Manual Remote / Wireless
Control Signal RS 485C
Power DC 24V
Size (mm) 483 x 44 x 300
Speaker & Amplifier Control Under GUI Environment
Software Changes the Clients
Grouping & Appointing
Control 18 CHs of Input & Output without a Barrier
No Cable Change
Able to Change Amplifiers by PC
Broadcasting Signal Control Stable, Absolute Emergency Broadcast
Broadcast Scheduling by PC
Import External Signals to Broadcast
Standard 19" Rack Mount Type

  • Feature
    . Able to connect with any PA systems
    . No wiring change required
    . No barrier of input and output usage
    . Matrix mechanism allows both independent and overall speaker units controlling on demand
    . Strong capability to cope with emergency situation
    . Both manual and software control
    . Flexibility of Controlling by PC or mobile phone
    . 18 Channels (Input + Output)
  • Application
    . Buildings / Schools / Hotels / Gyms / Auditoriums Military / Hospitals

3D Matrix Controller + PA System