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HD Encoder Modulator (HM-1000HD)

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Let's Broadcast Full HD!


  • Able to transit HD input signal to Full HD output broadcasting signal
  • Available for multi-channel HD broadcast (4Ch/Unit)
  • No time lag of modulation signaling guarantees natural, high quality full HD broadcast for viewers
  • Able to send HD video signals up to 1,200m distance without quality weakness
  • Capability of expanding numbers of channels upon customers' needs
  • Multi-channel encoding allows you to save your budget.
  • Adopts both HDMI/Component and Stereo/Embedded Audio


Input Video Component, HDMI (HD-SDI option)
Audio Stereo, Embedded Audio
Encoding Video Encoding Format MPEG-2 MP at HL
Encoding Rate 5~99Mbps
Chroma Format 4:2:0 / 4:2:2
Audio Encoding Format MPEG-1 L2 or Dolby AC3
Sampling Rate 32, 44.1, 48KHz
Encoding Rate MPEG-1 L2 : 32~384Kbps / Dolby AC3 : 56~448Kbps
Output RF Modulation 8-VSB
SNR Over 30dB
Group Display 20ns Less
Frequency Range 54Mhz~1GHz
Phase Noise -103dBc/Hz Less
Output Level -20dBm
Impedance 75Ω
Return Loss Over 15dB
Spurious -60dB
Frequency Tolerance ±5ppm Less
Frequency Response ±0.5dB


3D Matrix Controller + TBS-9000HD + TALENT

  • Audio
    . No barrier of input and output usage
    . Matrix mechanism allows both independent and overall speaker units controlling on demand
    . Strong capability to cope with emergency situation
    . Alert, evacuation, alarm, chime function
    . Flexibility of controlling by PC or mobile phone
  • Video
    . Capability of full HD video broadcast
    . Multi-channel broadcast on demand
    . System controlling by PC with software
    . Both SD and HD video resources are applied.
    . Customizing channel expansion
    . Software controls audio and video together
    . Inserting Images, subtitles, graphics on screen

  • * SD video resource broadcasting required additional SD video broadcast equipments.

3D Matrix Controller + TBS-9000HD + TALENT

3D Matrix Controller + PA System + TALENT + LCD Projector

TBS-9000HD + TALENT + Streaming/VOD Server

TALENT + Video Wall